Hello, call me Bliss! I am a licensed Esthetician from Flint, MI. I graduated from the esthetics program from Charles Mott community college in May 2015. Prior to my advancement of education in the spa industry, I attended Baker College of flint for 2 years for therapeutic massage (which i am not yet practicing). My true passion is caring for others and brightening the light thats within by providing hands on treatments. In addition to my career as an Esthetician I am a part-time nanny to 11 month boy girl twins. My days away from the spa industry i spend 3 days nurturing, creating, teaching and laughing with them. I am also in training to become a Birthing Doula. A Doula is one who helps a mother through the laboring process. My approach is to serve the mother in what ever way is needed. I am there to offer different natural pain coping alternatices such as laboring positions and breathing techniques, light massage strokes and also use aromatherapy.  My overrall goal, is to open my own Spa centered towards Mothers, New mothers and Soon to be!